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Boom Slime

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Disambig.png This article is about the slime. For the Slimepedia entry, see Slimepedia/Boom Slime.
Boom Slime
Boom Slime
Briar Hen
Boom Plort
Moss Blanket
Careful, these slimes have been known to expl-
~ Slimepedia

The Boom Slime is a slime that will explode every 45-55 seconds, causing them to be a hard slime to corral. The Boom slime spawns in the Moss Blanket, and is the loudest slime to be encountered. The biggest risk to a rancher is of course, the explosions.

Ranching tips[edit | edit source]

Secret Styles
The boom slime secret styles is Arcane, a beautiful boom slime that's shaded blue and purple and the same yellow cracks.

A corral holding these slimes should make use of the Music Box and Air Net corral upgrades. A Plort Collector and High Walls is also recommended, in order to avoid going into the corral to collect plorts and risk being damaged as a result of the hazards present. High Walls is recommended, especially if you are raising boom largos. A max of 10-15 slimes with a decent food supply is recommended to prevent unwanted Largos or Tarrs if a variety of slimes are kept at The Ranch, though a max of 10-12 is suggested if ranching boom largos instead as too many may get sent flying out of the corral from explosions.

Gallery[edit | edit source]