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Disambig.png This article is about the ranch plot. For the Slimepedia entry, see Slimepedia/Corral.
Newbucks coin.png 250
A happy slime makes for a happy rancher.
~ Slimepedia

The Corral is a ranch plot that allows ranchers to contain slimes instead of free-ranging them.

Ranching tips

Keep a maximum of 5-10 Slimes in a Corral or if more are desired to be added, invest in a High Walls upgrade.


There are a variety of upgrades available to assist with slime upkeep: High Walls, Music Box, Air Net, Solar Shield, Plort Collector, and Auto-Feeder. If a player were to fully upgrade a brand-new Corral, it would cost a total of 2550 Newbucks, not counting the 250 Newbucks to build a new Corral.

High Walls

Cost: Newbucks coin.png 350
Increases the height of the Corral walls, so slimes have less of a chance from escaping via jumping.

Music Box

Cost: Newbucks coin.png 350
Soothes Slimes with music, making them less agitated.

Air Net

Cost: Newbucks coin.png 425
A force field at the ceiling of a Corral, prevents Slimes from escaping completely. Will drain very quickly without the High Walls upgrade.

Solar Shield

Cost: Newbucks coin.png 425
A net that shields a Corral from sunlight, allowing Phosphor Slimes to be farmed without The Grotto expansion.

Plort Collector

Cost: Newbucks coin.png 500
Automatically sucks up Plorts in a Corral periodically, as long as there is room available in its storage tank.


Cost: Newbucks coin.png 500
Periodically and automatically shoots out food to feed hungry slimes as long as it is kept stocked with resources.