Dervish Slime

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Dervish Slime
Dervish Slime
Prickly Pear
Dervish Plorts
Glass Desert

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Dervish Slime

Dervish Slimes are purple colored slimes in which are found exclusively in The Glass Desert. They are one of the first slimes Beatrix will encounter there. They appear infrequently around the area along with Rock Slimes until the Oases is restored.


A dervish slime is a swirling, whirling bundle of energy in slimy form. Dervish slimes are commonly found in the Glass Desert, cruising across its dusty dunes at high speed atop little whirlwinds.

One thing is for certain: wherever the dervish slime needs to go, it gets there in a hurry.

Rancher Risks

Dervish slimes can cause total chaos on a ranch if not cared for properly. In addition to frequently riding atop whirlwinds at high speed and collecting objects along the way, a highly agitated dervish slime can produce giant cyclones of air that vacuum up and toss about anything they touch. (attention at near corrals!)

When cyclones are roaring across your Ranch there's little you can do other than brace for the chaos that will soon follow!


Secret Styles
The dervish slime secret style is Nebula, a beautiful navy blue dervish slime with sparkly stars on it.

Dervish plorts are a fantastic source of clean energy that helps give turbines and generators an extra boost. They are in constant demand as curiously, there is a finite number of spins stored in every dervish plort. Tips: make a Boom slime dervish largo to optimize the plort production! Created by thewikimonster

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