Dry Reef

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Disambig.png This article is about the zone. For the Slimepedia entry, see Slimepedia/The Dry Reef.
Dry Reef
Dry Reef
IconSlimeGold.png Gold Slime, IconSlimePhosphor.png Phosphor Slime, IconSlimePink.png Pink Slime, IconSlimeRock.png Rock Slime, IconSlimeTabby.png Tabby Slime
IconVeggieCarrot.png Carrot, IconBirdChick.png Chickadoo, IconFruitCuberry.png Cuberry, IconVeggieBeet.png Heart Beet, IconBirdHen.png Hen Hen, IconFruitPogo.png Pogofruit, IconBirdRooster.png Roostro, IconBirdChickStony.png Stony Chickadoo, IconBirdHenStony.png Stony Hen, IconWater.png Water
Feral Slime, The Tarr
A coral-crusted ocean floor that now basks under a golden sun.
~ Slimepedia

The Dry Reef is the zone that players first start in. In this area, players can find Pink, Rock, Tabby, and Phosphor slimes. The Ranch is located in this area.

Ranching tips

The most abundant resources here are carrots, chickens, and pogofruit while pink slimes are the most abundant slime.