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Disambig.png This article is about the ranch plot. For the Slimepedia entry, see Slimepedia/Garden.
Newbucks coin.png 250
Nothing beats the taste of food grown in your own backyard.
~ Slimepedia

The Garden is a ranch plot that allows ranchers to grow a large quantity of Veggies or Fruit from a single one.

Rancher tips[edit | edit source]

A Garden will be among a rancher's most used ranch plots, as the numerous types of herbivorous Slimes outweigh the few carnivorous ones.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

There are a variety of upgrades available to assist with growing fruits or veggies: Nutrient Soil, Sprinkler, and Scareslime. If a player were to fully upgrade a brand-new Garden, it would cost a total of 1275 Newbucks, not counting the 250 Newbucks to build a new Garden.

Nutrient Soil[edit | edit source]

Cost: Newbucks coin.png 350
Fruits or veggies planted in a Garden always yield maximum harvests.

Sprinkler[edit | edit source]

Cost: Newbucks coin.png 500
Fruits or veggies planted in a Garden grow twice as fast.

Scareslime[edit | edit source]

Cost: Newbucks coin.png 425
Keeps slimes a safe distance away from Garden ranch plots.