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Gordo slimes are very large slimes that are hidden across the game. There are six known kinds: Pink, Rock, Tabby, Honey, Rad, Crystal, Party and Phosphor. They sit in one area, and eat food shot at them. Gordo slimes follow the same diet as their smaller versions as well as their favorite foods. When fed enough, they explode, creating a large amount of normal slimes of the same variety, a few crates, and sometimes a Slime Key. Normally, this requires 70-80 pieces of food for the old version, and 65 for the newer version, although the slime's favorite food counts for double and requires only 35-40.

Gordo Slimes are big, fat, adorable versions of your regular Slimes. The only Slimes that don't have Gordos are Puddle Slimes, Fire Slimes, The Tarr, and Lucky Slimes.

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