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A Largo is a fusion of two slimes. It is formed by a slime that eats a plort unlike the ones it produces. Once in this form, it will carry over several factors, including: diet, favorite food, risks, slimeology, and plort production. By mixing Slimepedia entries together one can discover the needs of a largo. Largos will produce one of each plort of the slimes they are fused with; e.g, a Rock Tabby Largo will produce a Rock and Tabby Plort after eating. Trying to fuse an already existing largo with another slime plort will cause a Tarr to spawn. By mixing slime types various combinations can be discovered.

By feeding a largo a favorite food of one of it's components, 2 of each plort will be made. For example, feeding a Rock Tabby Largo either a Stony Chicken or a Heart Beet will produce 2 Rock Plorts and 2 Tabby Plorts

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Largo combinations[edit | edit source]

Rancher Tips[edit | edit source]

It is suggested to use the High Walls upgrade for the Corral, or else the Largos may escape via jumping, as they can jump higher than regular Slimes. An Auto Feeder and Plort Collector should also be used if the Largo either was a Rock Slime before, or ate a Rock Plort, otherwise they may hurt the rancher by accident.

When making a Hunter Largo of any kind, it's best you have it's favorite food or a Taming Bell around cause they will go feral.

Largo Crystal slimes will place spikes on the floor so have a plort collecter in your coral or have water on you To destroy the spikes (the same with normal crystal slimes)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If one were to feed all of the currently fusible slimes (Pink, Rock, Tabby, Phosphor, Honey, Hunter, Rad, Boom, Crystal, Quantum) every respective Plort, there would be a total of 45 combinations. This means there are nine Pink fusions, eight Rock fusions, seven Tabby fusions, six Phosphor fusions, five Honey fusions, four Hunter fusions, three Rad fusions, two Crystal fusions, and one Quantum fusion, with each diminishing fusion already having fusions under other types.
  • If the new slimes (Dervish, Tangle, Fire, Mosaic) are all mixable, it would increase the total amount of possible of Largos to 91. (Fires are not, so the actual amount is 78.)

Achievements[edit | edit source]