Mosaic Slime

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Mosaic Slime
Mosaic Slime
Remarkable from every angle.
IconVeggieParsnip.png Silver Parsnip
Mosaic Plort
Glass Desert

The mosaic slime gets its name from the glittering array of glass tiles all over its body. This glass produces a similar anomaly found in the desert itself, making the mosaic slime beautiful, but quite dangerous.

Rancher Risks:

Mosaic slimes can be very dangerous for an unprepared rancher. Their glass tiles create a shimmering effect in daylight that attracts other slimes to them. it is unknown why slimes exhibit behavior exactly, but leading theories indicate that 'sparkly things are super cool.'

Secret Styles
The mosaic slime secret style is Shattered, a yellowish blue mosaic slime with the glass tiles hovering around it.

Even more dangerous, the mosaic slime can produce glints in the space around them: ultra-hot solar anomalies that grow in intensity before drifting toward the ground and bursting into flames. Glints can be snuffed with a splash of water, but the best way to reduce their appearance is to ensure slimes are well-fed and not agitated.