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This is a list of non-playable characters in Slime Rancher, which are primarily people that can be traded with on the Range Exchange.


Main article: BOb

An illiterate rancher in a cloak who constantly asks for chickens. Is presumed to be a bunch of slimes.

Mochi Miles

Main article: Mochi Miles

A haughty and elite young woman who often asks to trade for plorts, and is the daughter of a billionaire.

Ogden Ortiz

Main article: Ogden Ortiz

A simple rancher who prefers to spend his time farming veggies and fruits, and often asks to trade for such. He generally only raises slimes who eat non-meat diets.

Thora West

Main article: Thora West

An elderly experienced rancher not unlike Beatrix. She is the first to introduce herself to Beatrix and trades for everything, whether plorts, chickens, or veggies, etc.

Viktor Humphries

Main article: Viktor Humphries

A slime scientist and rancher who fancies himself also as an amateur musician. Often asks to trade for slimes, as his research keeps him too busy to venture out to collect them himself.