Primordy Oil

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PrimordyOil SP.png
This stuff is pre-pre-prehistoric.
~ Slimepedia

Type[edit | edit source]

Slime Science Material

About[edit | edit source]

Primordy oil is a common resource obtained with a pump.

Found deep below the surface of the Far, Far Range, primordy oil is an ancient substance containing a wide array of organic compounds, making it perfect as a base for many Slime Science creations.

On the Ranch[edit | edit source]

Deposit primordy oil into the Lab's Refinery where it can be used for fabricating Slime Science gadgets.

Ranching Tips[edit | edit source]

It's a rather common find. If you're not looking for any other resources and just want to farm primordy oil, I'd recommend using a lower level pump.