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Keeping chickens in their place prevents the uprising.

Description[edit | edit source]

Though many ranchers simply let their chickens roam the ranch, a coop is the tool of the serious poultry producer. Coops keep hens and roostros close, allowing for maximum egg-laying potential. Just remember to avoid crowding the coop: chickens won't reproduce when in close proximity to more than a dozen other hens or roostros. But give them room and watch the love bloom!

High Walls[edit | edit source]

Great for keeping chickens in and hungry slimes out.

Spring Grass[edit | edit source]

Spring grass attracts scuttle bugs that chickens just love to eat. With their bellies full, hens will produces eggs twice as fast.

Vitamizer[edit | edit source]

The very latest in advanced poultry tech, the vitamizer bathes the chickens in 'vita-rays,' allowing them to grow into healthy hens and roostros twice as fast.