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Nothing beats the taste of food grown in your own backyard.

Description[edit | edit source]

The gardens used by ranchers use advanced technology to rapidly grow clones of fruits and veggies in a natural, though greatly sped up, way. By placing a sample into the replicator, the garden's soil is instantly populated by a fruit tree or veggie patch that will go on to produce several harvests of produce.

Nutrient Soil[edit | edit source]

Nutrient soil is a special ranchers' blend containing compost from the Moss Blanket and minerals from the Indigo Quarry. Crops grown in nutrient soil always yield the maximum harvest.

Sprinkler[edit | edit source]

A sprinkler ensures that your crops are always watered, making them grow twice as fast.

Scareslime[edit | edit source]

A scareslime is a stuffed tarr model designed to keep wandering slimes away from your crops. Simple, but terrifying.