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Their coral hue is scientifically proven to be the color of cheer.

Diet[edit | edit source]

Fruit, Veggies, Meat

Favorite[edit | edit source]


Slimeology[edit | edit source]

Pink Slimes are the most common slime found on the Far, Far Range. They're cheerful, docile, and the easiest of all slimes to ranch. A pink slime will eat anything you put in front of it, though they have no favorite food, and their plorts are the least valuable of all slimes.

Rancher Risks[edit | edit source]

Not much to worry about with a pink slime. They're soft, squishy, very happy to be around a rancher, and found all over the Range. But because of this, a rancher won't go far without finding a few pink plorts, which can lead to largos, and then...

Plortonomics[edit | edit source]

Pink Plorts are an excellent 'multipurpose generic substance' used to manufacture everything from food products to household cleaners. All over earth, people are eating burgers, sweetening their coffees, or scrubbing their floors with pink plort products. That's some serious versatility!