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Keep one in your boot and you'll always stay cool. But it's weird.

Diet[edit | edit source]


Favorite[edit | edit source]


Slimeology[edit | edit source]

Puddle slimes are a rare species of slime that live in fresh water pools found on the Range. These slimes don't eat fruits, veggies, or meat like most other slimes. Instead, puddle slimes absorb water into their bodies while they sit on the surface of a pool, so instead of a corral, you must purchase a pond to enclose them.

Puddle slimes need fresh water to survive and will quickly evaporate if left on any other surface for too long.

Rancher Risks[edit | edit source]

Ranchers have nothing to fear from the shy, little puddle slime. A rancher need only worry about having fresh water, like a pond, available for a puddle slime to sit in, as a puddle slime will evaporate if away from water. Additionally, puddle plorts burst as soon as they touch anything but fresh water.

Overall, a puddle slime is a better fit for a more experienced rancher, not one still wet behind the ears.

Plortonomics[edit | edit source]

Puddle plorts are made almost entirely from an incredible hydro compound known by chemists across the galaxy as H2Ohhhhh. This compound is used to create an absurdly expensive brand of bottled drinking water that is sought after by the elite back on Earth. While some people argue that there is little difference in taste between it and tap water, those people seriously are not getting it.