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Its radiance is so lovely it makes you sick.

Diet[edit | edit source]


Favorite[edit | edit source]

Oca Oca

Slimeology[edit | edit source]

It's unknown if rad slimes, sometimes called 'raddies,' came to be from external radiation sources or from something naturally occurring within the Far, Far Range. Regardless, rad slimes emit such a potent aura of radiation they glow in the dark!

Rancher Risks[edit | edit source]

A rad slime's radioactive aura can induce rad poisoning to a rancher if they remain within it for too long. Ranchers are advised to monitor their rad exposure levels when handling these green globs of gamma goo as extended exposure can cause serious bodily harm, or worse.

Plortonomics[edit | edit source]

Given that raddies are basically mobile batteries, it's no surprise that corporations value rad plorts for their incredible energy-producing capabilities. Most rad plorts get turned into 'plortonium' and everything from the latest holophone to a radwave microcook system runs on the stuff.