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Those stripes, that tail, that wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

Diet[edit | edit source]


Favorite[edit | edit source]

Stony Hen

Slimeology[edit | edit source]

Tabby slimes share many curious similarities to domesticated house cats of Earth. With their perky ears, striped backs, and swaying tails, you'd almost mistake them for a true feline... if they weren't made entirely of gooey slime, of course.

Rancher Risks[edit | edit source]

A tabby slime generally doesn't mean any harm to a rancher, but like their spiritual Earth cat cousins, often causes a great deal of chaos anyway. Tabby slimes love to steal things they don't eat, like fruits and veggies, resulting in lots of unintended largo transformations on the Range.

Plortonomics[edit | edit source]

Tabby plorts are a key ingredient in a variety of 'performance enhancing' products that grant the consumer a surge of the tabby slime's signature energy and exuberance. And while athletes the world over take them to gain an edge, prolonged use often results in 'uncontrollable butt wiggles,' another (less desirable) signature of the tabby slime.