Tabby Gordo

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Tabby Gordo

The Tabby Gordo is a large gordo slime. It needs to be fed 65 meat or 33 of it's favorite food, Stony Hen. After this it will pop dropping various items not a slime key however.

Fun facts and tips[edit | edit source]

  • Fun fact: The previous ranchers worshiped it, until they were eaten by a Tarr.
  • Fun fact/tip: The Tabby Gordo will drop 1-3 crates, that contain food and slime, and several regular selections. It also provides a Slime Key to The Moss Blanket.
  • Tip: Meat, including Stony Hens, Hens, and Roostro can be found not far from the Tabby Gordo. Simply go back to the ranch and the second slime concentration encountered is near the spawn point.