Tangle Slime

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Tangle Slimes are a type of slime that is found exclusively in the Glass Desert. In order to get them you will have to grow the oases flowers around the Tangle Slime Gordo. In order to grow all the Oasis Flowers you will need to get the ancient water found to the right of where you entered. Once you've done that you need to activate the statues by inserting rock slime plorts into the statues inside the temple. After that you go back to the fountain and it should be running giving buttcheecks he privilege to get ancient water inside your water tank (if bought) for 30 seconds. The ancient water is the only thing in the game you can use to grow the Oasis Flowers. ( The Tangle Slimes are found in a Oasis Flower on top of a ledge around the area the Tangle Gordo is in.)