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Thora West

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Thora West
Thora West
Thora West's Range Exchange portrait
Trade Type:

Thora West is a NPC who can be traded with via the Range Exchange. She is an elderly and experienced slime rancher who is the first person who welcomes Beatrix, and also is the first person Beatrix can trade with on the Far, Far Range.

StarMail[edit | edit source]


Subject: Welcome to the Range Exchange!

Sender: Thora West

Hi there, Beatrix! The name's Thora West. I'll keep my introduction short on
account that we all got work to do: I'm a long-time rancher here on the Far, Far
Range and head of the welcome wagon for your local Range Exchange.

The Range Exchange is a network of ranchers just like yourself who are looking
to trade what they got for what they need: slimes, plorts, food- whatever. All you
need to do is check out the Range Exchange machine daily and be sure to get
your trade completed by noon.

As more ranchers get added to your network, you should receive a hearty hello
from them so check your inbox.

Well, enough jawin', we've both got slimes to wrangle.

Adios, Beatrix. – Thora

P.S. – Since ol' Hobson's Range Exchange link went dead years ago, I
assumed he broke the dang thing like everything else on that ranch. I'll bet you
have your hands full. In any case I arranged for another to be shipped to you,
free of charge. Should have arrived last night, so check it out!


Thora and Hobson

Based on a few messages left for Beatrix in the Indigo Quarry, it seems as if Hobson and Thora may have crossed paths before, and were perhaps in love.