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Disambig.png This article is about the terminal. For the Slimepedia entry, see Slimepedia/Vacpack Upgrades.
Plort Market
Feed slimes. Collect plorts. Get paid.
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Vacpack Upgrades are available in a terminal on The Ranch where ranchers can buy upgrades to their Vacpack.

Options[edit | edit source]

The current Vacpack Upgrades are:

  • Tank Booster
    • "Improved nano-storage cell technology allows your vac tanks to hold 30 units of whatever you can vac up"
    • Cost: 350
  • Tank Booster Mk II
    • "These enhanced nano-storage cells throw caution to the wind and allow you to cram 40 units into each vac tank."
    • Cost: 500
  • Tank Booster Mk III
    • "More is better, but in this case, it's best. These premium nano-storage cells can hold 50 units in each vac tank."
    • Cost: 750
  • Tank Booster Ultra
    • "The Secret best vac tank available using experimental nano-storage technology that's absolutely probably maybe legal."
    • Attainable from the 7zee reward Club (which when getting it comes along with the Master Gordo Catcher)
  • Treasure Cracker
    • "Allows you to bypass the locks on basic treasure pods."
    • Cost: 4500
  • Power Core
    • "Augments your vacpack with an almost-certainly-safe micro fusion generator that boosts energy to 150."
    • Cost: 350
  • Power Core Mk II
    • "This enhanced micro generator boosts energy to 200; but more importantly, is even smaller."
    • Cost: 650
  • Power Core Mk III
    • "The latest micro generator boosts personal energy to 250, but not high enough to give up coffee entirely."
    • Cost: 950
  • Water Tank
    • "Adds a specialized vac tank that allows you to store fresh water."
    • Cost: 350
  • Jetpack
    • "Keep your head in the clouds with this amazing, personal jetpack!"
    • Cost: 350
  • Air Drive
    • "Enhanced jetpack thrusters that consume 20% less energy but produce double the fun."
    • Cost: 500
  • Dash Boots
    • "These highly advanced and, frankly, fashion-forward boots halve the energy consumption of sprinting."
    • Cost: 350
  • Pulse Wave:
    • "Adds a pulse wave emitter feature to your vacpack that pushes away slimes whenever you need some personal space."
    • Cost: 350
  • Heart Module
    • "Syncs with your body's own vital processes to enhance life systems, boosting health to 150. Plus, it's sparkly."
    • Cost: 350
  • Heart Module Mk II
    • "A more advanced and even sparklier heart module that boosts health to 200."
    • Cost: 500
  • Heart Module Mk III
    • "The latest in life system amplification and sparkliness technology boosts health to 250.
    • Cost: 750

NOTE: This slimepedia is a work in progress, and as such, this is not a comprehensive list of all Vacpack Upgrades available.

Gallery[edit | edit source]