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Viktor Humphries

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Viktor Humphries
Viktor Humphries
Viktor Humphries' Range Exchange portrait
Trade Type:

Viktor Humphries is a NPC who can be traded with via the Range Exchange. He considers himself a professional slime rancher and scientist as well as an amateur musician. His primary interest is in Slimes, but due to his research, he requests for others to collect some for him using the Range Exchange.

StarMail[edit | edit source]


Subject: Salutations, Ms. LeBeaux

Sender: Viktor Humphries

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Viktor Humphries; professional slime
rancher, slime scientist, and amateur musician. My understanding is that Ms
West has already informed you of how the Range Exchange works so I will
spare you any further education.

Instead, I'll illuminate you on what you can expect from my own requests. As a
slime scientist/rancher I have a tremendous interest in the liquiform legion that
we share this vast range with, the slimes. My studies often keep me from
venturing out on the range daily and when I find myself short a particular species,
I use the Range Exchange to fill that gap. Don't worry though, I will reimburse you
handsomely for your efforts.

Good luck in your new venture, Ms LeBeaux. I look forward to seeing life
breathed once again into the former Twillgers ranch.

Sincerely, Viktor Humphries

P.S. – I once lost my most favorite fiddle while fleeing a feral boom slime. Its
value is only sentimental but should you find it, I’d very much love to
be able to play it again.